RisingHy Chicken Enchilada

Chicken enchiladas 2 chicken breast Habanero hot sauce Devil salt Bottle of GreenGo In sauce pot place chicken breast, cover with water about 1 over top of breast. Add tablespoon of paste or lots of habanero hot sauce Bring to boil, simmer for 10 minutes w out top. Shred chicken with 2 forks add add […]

Quinoa and Basil with Vegetables

One cup of quinoa 5 fresh basil leaves 2 cups of vegetables (roasted) asparagus red and yellow peppers onion 1/2 lb of meat (if desired) Habanero Olive Oil Devil Salt Honey Mustard Habanero Hot Sauce Toss all vegetables in Habanero Olive Oil and Devil Salt until coated and roast in oven at 375 or on […]

RisingHy Bulls Eye

1 piece of bread 1 egg Habanero Olive Oil Habanero Hot Devil Salt Tomato RisingHy Shot glass (optional) Use the shot glass (upside down) to remove the center of the bread. Add oil to the pan and rub bread on both sides, turn on heat and brown bread slightly on either side. Once brown, crack […]

Devil Salt Suggested Uses

• Rims of Bloody Mary’s/Caesar’s • Fresh fruit • Vegetables • Eggs • Potatoes and French Fries • Rims of Margaritas • Fish • Meat Replace table salt with more flavor and spice

Habanero Olive Oil Suggested Uses

• Fry eggs • Pasta • Soups • Stir fry • Sautéed veggies • Bread dip • Chili • Popcorn • Fish • Salad dressing

Habanero Hot Suggested Uses

• Eggs • Burritos • Rice • Pizza • Add to spaghetti sauce • Bloody Mary’s • Soups • Ketchup • Chili • Hummus

Honey Mustard Suggested Uses

*On The BBQ… Salmon, Hamburgers, Brats, Chicken Breast, Pork, Ribs *In Place of Mayo…Sandwiches, Deviled Eggs, Tuna Fish, Pasta or Potato Salads *Chicken Wings, Casseroles, Dips and Marinades

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