We know some of our customers will put hot sauce on just about anything, from eggs to pizza to chili. Therefore, we offer recipes that utilize our intense habanero hot sauces and specialty sauces. We make our hot sauces with the highest quality ingredients. The hot sauces are gluten free, contain no vinegar, and are low in sodium and sugar.

Use our habanero hot sauce recipes to maximize the flavor of your food. From fiery quesadillas to peppery penne pasta and rice, we offer unique twists to many traditional recipes to bring out the flavor of our habanero hot sauce and specialty sauces.

We also have recipes that employ our olive oil and our honey mustard sauce. We concoct all of our recipes with health and taste in mind. Don’t sacrifice flavor for heat; use RisingHy sauces and recipes for the perfect pairing of both.

Habanero Hot

Habanero Olive Oil

GreenGo Sauce

Honey Mustard

Devil Salt

All products are designed to be used before, during, and after

cooking. Try them with your favorite recipes.

Sautee, dip, rub, or smother on your favorite foods.

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